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Our Foster Dog Program is a very important part of our breeding program. These wonderful girls are carefully chosen to stay in our breeding program, but they live a wonderful and productive life with a Foster Family.

We do not believe in a kennel environment for our adult dogs. 

For every litter produced from a foster girl, OKE Labradors will donate $1000 to the Foster Families chosen charity or organization.

Our Foster Dog Program
How it works

OKE Labradors chooses a female to keep in the breeding program. This will be your dog. We cover most veterinary expenses and breed these girls 3+/- times. The chosen female lives her life with the Foster Family until breeding and whelping. She will come back to OKE Labradors during those times to be under my care. 

Once we decide to spay her, all necessary documents and registration papers are transferred into your name and she will live out the remainder of her life with you. 

What I expect from you

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, but raising a future breeding girl is certainly more difficult. These girls need to be kept safe and healthy to ensure their ability to produce the best puppies. There are several veterinary checks and clearances they will need to have in the first couple years. They need to be kept safe during heat cycles and an injury free life is crucial. Communication, locality and a strong relationship is paramount for our Foster Families. I am entrusting a very special dog to your home and expect that she becomes a very special part of your family. 

I am always looking for potential foster families. If this sounds like a program for your family, please contact me for more information. 

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