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DOB- 09-20-2021

Height 21"

Weight 70 lbs

OFA Final Report

Hips- Excellent

Elbows- Normal

Eyes- Normal

Basic Cardiac- Normal


Abby is clear by parentage

Abby is BYC

(Black that carries Yellow and Chocolate) 

OKE's Anybody But You 

Abby is a really lovely, docile girl. She is a Wags Daughter and out of our retired girl Aggie.

Abby is a moderate statured female, weighing 70 lbs but has all the classic features like a darling expressive head, with dark brown eyes, a beautiful coat, large round feet, a thick otter tail and proper conformation to tie everything in.

Abby is a pleaser. She is always within arms reach, ready for any affection anyones willing to hand out. She is a 'go with the flow type'. She has no issue being the last in the pack or always happy to be the first. 

Abby has a very versatile and strong pedigree pulling in several generations of very nice, healthy, conformationally correct dogs. 


*For Reference*

Thornwoods Aggie OKE 


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