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Our breeding program is tailored to the English Style Labrador Retriever. Through very selective breeding we have been able to produce healthy, beautiful puppies with calm, trainable dispositions that have grown to be wonderful bird dogs, companions and therapy animals. 

The dogs chosen for our breeding program are tested for genetic issues through Embark Testing and cleared through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

All of our puppies are given age appropriate vaccinations, have AKC Reunite registered microchips and will be limited registered with AKC. Our puppies come with a 24 month health guarantee against all genetic and hereditary diseases. 

We only breed Black, Yellow and Chocolate puppies. 

Early Neurological Stimulation

Our puppies are born in the house where I can keep a very close eye on them. Starting day 3, we begin Early Neurological Stimulation. Studies have found there is a specific time period, early in life, when neurological stimulation has optimum results.


The benefits of early neurological stimulation include but are not limited to, Improved cardiovascular performance, Stronger Heart Beats, Stronger Adrenal Glands, More tolerant to stress and Greater resistance to disease. All key components to the success of our puppies. 

As the puppies grow they will be moved to their indoor/outdoor living space. This allows the pups the opportunity to start moving around. They will begin to smell and hear other dogs, other animals and experience the world of noises. All key aspects to the success of your puppy. 

Started Puppies

We will have started Puppies available early 2021. Please contact me for more information. 

Upcoming Litters 

We just whelped litter of beautiful yellow puppies from Karmin and sired by Emmit Thomashenry's Animated Rush from Shalimar Labs. 


There is 1 yellow Boy available. He will go through the started puppy program and be available late January 2021. 

These puppies will be around 80 lbs and have a very heavy English Labrador look. 

Please contact me for more information. 


We have bred Ellie and Cora both to JRL Bullet Proof for Black and Chocolate puppies due Early December 2020.  

Stay tuned for news about these fabulous show quality litters.


Or to be included on our waitlist  contact me

Available Adults

We do not have any adults available at this time

We feed our puppies Life Abundance Large Breed Puppy food because it is specially formulated to encourage healthy, controlled growth rates. For more info click here


Our puppies are also started on NuVet Plus vitamins. We feel it is best to continue these vitamins throughout your puppies life. Click here for more info.


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