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OKE'S Gold Rush

Bred By Marsal Labradors

Wags is a beautiful young boy we are happy to have in our kennel and breeding program. He has a lovely pedigree and a cheerful personality. A very thick yellow coat, great bone, short otter tail and a wonderful boxy build. 

Wags sired a few litters in 2021 and we are very happy with everything we got. He consistently put beautiful heads, great bone, conformation and coat. We look forward to watch his babies in the show ring this year and the prospect of wonderful puppies. 

Wags has a very impressive pedigree full of Champions and Grand Champions. He is a 

grandson of the legendary 'Cyrus' Grand Champion Silver Shalimar's the Animator. 

DOB: 04/21/20

Weight: 92 lbs

OFA Final Reports

(to see results click each underline)

Hips: Excellent 

Elbows: Normal

Eyes: checked annually

Heart: Echo Doppler normal

Patellar Luxation: Normal

Embark Genetic testing: Clear of all genetic disorders (click here to see results)

Pure for Yellow

Wags is available for stud to approved bitches. 

Click the paw print to see some Wags puppies from his 2021 litters

edited wags 2.PNG
edit wags 4.PNG
edited Wags.jpg

Wags is 35 months old in these pictures (3/17/2023) 

Maturing into such a beautiful boy. 

We just love everything about him!


While these photos are by no means professional and Wags is not groomed or prepped for pictures, we are happy to show off his impressive size and style. Comparing these photos (above & left) to the older photos below, take notice of the structure change and muscle tone. Wags is pictured below at 9 month old. The pictures above & left, he is 22 months old. Wags is still very much a puppy and will continue to grow and change.  


Wags pictured at 9 month old

(above and right)

Wags pictured below at 7.5 weeks old

Puppy evaluation

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