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Hello Jenny, 

I wanted to let you know Aggie (from the 6/3/22 Beth x Wags litter) has been such a dream. Such a sweet and gentle dog. So easy to enjoy. Aggie is a big gal. She's not food obsessed and we restrict the amount she receives (1 cup twice a day) but she's plateaued at a solid 82 pounds now for 2 months. 

We couldn't imagine being happier. We're continuing some training since we're in a city and lots of distractions. 

Pics from this morning and a few weeks ago. 

Things are well and we wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our very special Lab! 

John and Jim

Lancaster PA


Hi Jenny! It's been about 14 months since I bought my beautiful dog from your kennel and I thought I would give you an update. I assume you would like to hear what your pups are up to after they go! Remy is a very sweet dog and although many gun dog "know it alls" told me he was too fat and slow to become a gun dog I persisted and am extremely happy with his progress so far (especially considering he is my first dog) Remy definitely has a strong retrieve, however I wasn't able to do any duck and goose hunts this season. Remy lifted his first pheasant around his first birthday and has been increasing his obedience and skill ever since. At his third hunt he hunted for over two and a half hours and there was no stopping him.At the hunt I realized that his size was not going to limit him the slightest and today he's grown into his bulky stature and can do just about anything at 107 lbs. Anyway I thought I would let you know how he has been doing and thank you for breeding the wonderful dogs that you do! 

Kind Regards, 



Hi Jenny,


Hope all is well with you, your family, and the dogs!


Just wanted to share a few photos of Lady and let you know how amazing she is. She is currently at bird dog training and she is killing it!

Thank you for making my first dog experience an amazing one and kudos to you and your dogs as they are top of the line.


Hi, Jenny! Sorry we kept forgetting to send you his official name! How do you like: 

 OKE's Ruby's Moose is Loose


That was the winner. He's been unbelievably amazing! Every day on his walks, he's better with heeling and being less skidish of traffic going by. He's only had one inside accident and it was our fault. Seriously,  our friends can't believe how well trained he is, and his demeanor is just the best! He got his rabies shot, so we took him on a couple hikes this weekend. We're so in love! Here are a few pictures.


First, let me say that not a day goes by that we don’t do the Harley happy dance!  She is a love!  She is smart!  She is beautiful!  And she is m.e.l.l.o.w….  We couldn’t be happier!  Thank you for such a happy, healthy dog.  She’s been with me to the farm a few times now and has been a trooper meeting the goats, sheep, cats and chickens, not to mention getting to know (and play with) the other farm dogs.  We’ve started puppy classes as well.  She is a joy!


Just wanted to show you how tough he has it!!!
He is the best DAMN dog thank you so much we love him !!! 

We LOVE getting updates about our puppies

Crewe - Curly Boy.JPG
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