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Reproduction Services


Breeding Page 

We are happy to offer some basic services to local breeders.

(Please note: we are not imitating or trying to replace your licensed veterinarian, rather offering simple reproduction services) 

Breeding without proper evaluation, testing or knowledge is like driving blindfolded. It works until it doesn't and when your opportunity to breed only comes around once a year, the last thing you want it to do is miss!

Having grown up in the reproduction industry, (A.I. certified) in cattle and horses and over a decade breeding Labradors, I am happy to help others with simple tasks revolving around reproduction. 

Our most common services are listed below, if you have questions please text, call or email us. 



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$50 per test

Progesterone Testing: We use an in-house progesterone machine to determine progesterone numbers in ovulating bitches. Test takes about 15 minutes to have results. It is recommended to do multiple tests over the course of a few days in order to establish an accurate baseline for ovulation and proper breeding days. 

$35 per screening

Ultrasound screening: Optimal time to check for pregnancy is around 25-35 days post breeding. 

$100 per insemination

Artificial Insemination Service: AI service is a fast, simple and safe way to breed when the service male is unavailable or using a male not in the local area. Progesterone timing is required. 

$100 per collection and evaluation

Semen Evaluation: Collection and Evaluation is a necessary tool when breeding or housing/standing a Male dog. Without a current semen analysis, breeding and shipping could be a disaster. We recommend evaluation once a year or after any major event. ie- surgery, procedure or out on the show circuit. 

$100 for collection and 10 day extender evaluation

Semen Collection and Extending: Collection and Extending semen is a vital tool when shipping or holding semen for breeding. Determining which 'extender' works best for your male is as important as the initial evaluation.  

$25 per test when pairing with other services

$35 as a stand alone service

Brucellosis Tests: Brucellosis is an extremely contagious sexually transmitted disease affecting most animals, most commonly dogs, cattle, sheep, swine and other ruminants. A rapid test is necessary and very important with breeding animals. 

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