Started Puppy Program

The first 16 weeks are the most crucial in any puppy's life. In todays rat-race of working families, it is easy to get lost in time and before you know it, your puppy is 6 months old. Like all things, without structure and a solid foundation, it can lead to negative behavior, declining health and regress in disposition. It is important to remember that puppies are always learning, good or bad behavior. 

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The need to build a strong foundation is KEY! 

We begin our journey at just a few days old with Early Neurological Stimulation studied by Dr. Carmen Battaglia. From day 3 through 16 we go through the series of short exposure that has proven to Improve cardio vascular performance. Puppies have Stronger Heartbeats, Stronger Adrenal Glands, Greater Resistance to Disease and More Tolerant to Stress. Studies have found that there is a specific time period, early in life when neurological stimulation has optimum results and will provide your puppy with the building blocks to a successful and healthy life. 

Puppy Socialization

Socialization is the most important aspect of your puppies life. Without proper socialization your puppy could revert backwards mentally and physically. For a dog to integrate into our world, there must be a solid foundation. Even though dogs have been "Man's Best friend" for thousands of years, they are not born with the understanding of todays modern world. Busy roads, loud noised, vacuum's, television etc, all can have a negative impact, if the puppy is not socialized and prepared for these situations. 

What you can expect

Our Started Puppy Program is an 8 week program beginning at 8 weeks old. During that period with us, we work on many key elements to continue building the foundation your puppy needs to be successful in life. Included in our program, your puppy will be fed high quality puppy food regulated for fast growing Labrador puppies, the additional two rounds of puppy shots, deworming when necessary, started on heart worm preventative and all the love they deserve. 


At 16 weeks your Puppy will leave here with an extensive amount of exposure to loud noises, other animals, water, bathing, vehicles, large tractors and machinery, children, strange people, vehicle rides and trips to unfamiliar places.


Also, household elements like the vacuum, television, music. 


They will have basic crate training and have individual crates at night. 


We work on potty training. Or spot training, where they learn there is a specific 'potty area' 


Basic obedience including sit, stay, no jumping up, barking and leave it. 


Basic leash training, walking with a loose leash, no pulling or surging and wait calmly while standing.


We work on basic focus skills while on and off the leash.  

All of our training is positively reinforced with reward and affection. We want learning to be fun and feel that the puppies learn quicker and more effectively in this type of environment. When your puppy leaves our 8 week program, you can feel confident they have been provided all the key elements to lead a successful life in your home. 


Our Started Puppy Program is $350 per week, all food, vaccinations, and care are included in this price.