How our waitlist and deposits work

First I want to thank you for your interest in an OKE puppy.

Due to the extremely high number of families looking for a puppy we have recently changed our waitlist requirements and procedure. 

We understand you are searching for your next family member and would like one sooner than later.


Unfortunately we usually do not have your exact puppy waiting for you on a shelf. Most of our litters are dual colored and we can not promise what will be produced from the litter. 


We work very hard to produce top of the line, well bred English labradors. 

What we have experienced over the last year with the pandemic is mind-blowing. Families want a dog and they want it now.


We used to offer a refundable deposit but I can no longer offer that. The reason is, there have been too many families getting on MULTIPLE puppy lists. Then taking the first puppy available. 

Obviously this gives you the best odds to finding a puppy as soon as possible. But from a breeders standpoint, this is extremely frustrating. 

We all spend countless hours adjusting websites, templets, information, photos and communications with families everyday. Only to have the family take the first designer dog that comes available.

That equals a lot of time lost and time I should have been communicating with a family that was truly serious about a quality bred puppy. 

Therefore our new deposit requirements are as followed;

We require a $100 deposit to get on our waitlist. This deposit is Non-Refundable UNLESS you have been on my list for 1 year and I have not been able to provide you a puppy in your preferred color/sex. Then I will gladly refund your deposit. 


This waitlist puts you in line for the next available puppy of your choice (color/sex/litter) 

If you decide not to join the waitlist  you can check my website for updated posts. Puppies will go to families in a first come first serve basis. 

I will post any available puppies on the website, if there are any available. 

With each litter, I will reserve a few for our Started Puppy Program and possibly my breeding program.  This will be at my discretion (color/sex). The remaining puppies will be available at 8 weeks old. 

Our deposits can be paid through Zelle (our account is under

or mail check to 


OKE Labradors 

PO Box 2

Maxwell Ca 95955

Please feel free to contact will any questions. 

Thank You